Politics is what people make of it

Politics is a necessary social activity. Whether we are aware or not, we all engage in political activities, from the family to run a country and everything in between. Put simply, if you are alone on an island, you cannot engage in politics because you are alone. However, if you…

Governance is the practice of governing

Governance differs from government on this important aspect: the former focuses on the activity, as a process, of governing and the latter consists of the structure political institutions and as we commonly refer to, the political leaders who run a given country, such as the President, the Prime Minister or…

Government is the institutional structure of a country

Government is not a group of people who make collective decisions for the people, that is the executive branch of a given country, the President or the Prime Minister and his or her cabinet (Secretaries or Ministries)

The concept of government refers to the whole institutional structure of a country…

Public interest is what politicians and citizens make of it

As a social activity, politics is for the public interest. Politicians and citizens claim that they are in politics to serve the public, promote and defend the public interest, and this or that policy or proposition by a citizen or lobby group is for the public interest.

The purpose of…

Democracy Is Anything but The Rule of the People

Democracy (the rule of the demos (people)) is distinct from the other concepts ending with cracy: aristocracy (the rule of a family), monarchy (the rule of a monarch), theocracy (the rule of religious leader), autocracy (the rule of an autocrat). Monarchy is the exception.

The paradox of democracy is on…

Democracy is what people make of it

This article is the follow up of this article: What Does Democracy Mean?

The quote in the title is attributed to the political scientist, Bernard Crick. He argues that “no settled or agreed model of democracy exists, only a number of competing models (Andrew Heywood, Political Theory: An Introduction).”


Democracy is a social construct

There are three definitions of democracy that caught my attention in the online Merriam-Webster dictionary:

  • Government by the people (especially: rule of majority)
  • A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically…

American politics is about the interpretation of the preamble of the Constitution

A preamble is the introduction section of a legislation that declares the intents and objectives of the framers of the legislation. In the case of a written constitution, the preamble is the framers’ intents and objectives, which are the foundation the political and social reality of a given country.


Any group of people can declare themselves to be a nation because to be a nation is what the group of people makes of it.

The dilemma around the concept of nation is that the concept is most of time use interchangeably with the concept or state or country. This quandary comes from the socially constructed European concept of nation-state, which has emerged during the French Revolution. It means that the border of the state…

It depends on how the states perceive external sovereignty

As I wrote in this article, external sovereignty is the principle that a state can enter into diplomatic relations with other states because the other states have officially recognized the new state, according to the 1993 Montevideo Convention, which is an important document of international law.

Also, external sovereignty implies…

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